Saturday, January 17, 2009

week 2

Whew, week 2 is over! This was a challenging week not for exercise but for life. On Monday, I did a Zumba class along with my regular workout and loved it. I had a hard time getting over the whole "sexy" thing though. That's just me. On Tuesday, I did an Aqua Power class followed by a Aqua Combo class. I think water classes are the thing for me. Wednesday, I did Zumba 101 and it was just ok. Not good, not bad. Thursday, I was substitute teaching and did not make it to the gym. Too much going on. Friday, I was substituting again and we were on an all day (8:30 am - 9:30 pm) field trip. Today is Saturday and I wasted the day and missed the gym. However, I am doing an hour on the treadmill to help stay focused.

The food is going much better. I now find myself getting hungry every few hours, especially after I work out. This is a good thing I am told. I must say, I am getting tired of cheese sticks though. I am trying to change it up with yogurt, protein bars and other high protein foods. Does ice cream have protein? Just kidding.

I have been working out with my friend Penny and it helps. It is always easier to do almost anything with a friend. Rest assured, I will still work out alone if need be.

Anyway, this has been a good week, I am actually down 3 pounds! Yahoo for me! Only ### left to go! I hope you are enjoying these posts. Please write a comment if you can. I love hearing from you. Off to week 3!


The Bowden Family said...

Two weeks and three pounds - ROCK ON!!!!! You inspire me.

pj said...

Just wanted you to know I found myself really looking forward to reading this week's post! Keep up the good work (and drag me along!!)

pj said...

PS: You'll soon need to change the title of your blog to "Diary of a Once Fat Girl"~ Losing weight while gaining muscle is a DOUBLE success!