Monday, January 26, 2009

Christian's Life Plan

This is Christian. Yes, he has french fries up his nose. Yes, he ate them. I know, nasty but that is Christian.

He told me his life plan the other day and a friend encouraged me to share it. Christian is planning on living in a BIG mansion. He wants me to live in a BIG mansion next door with Thumper so he can play with her everyday. The driveway will be so big that you can't walk the entire way, you have to ride your bike. He will be a famous baseball player. His sister will live in a cardboard box on the street. Never fear, Christian is generous and kind hearted. He is planning on giving his sister $1 per day and bringing her food once a week. When I asked how she was going to heat up her food, he stuck out both hands, cupped them and blew into them as he politely said, "duh!"

Christian is also planning on having a boy and a girl but no wife. He wants to adopt a boy named Bob and a girl named Rhonda (after our car). If Becca needs more money, she can always babysit all four kids for an extra $5 per day. Wow, isn't he kind?

I reminded Christian that he would need to graduate high school in order to be a pro ball player. He said, "I know." I reminded him that he would need to graduate college in order to play. He said, "I know." I reminded him that he would need good grades in order to play college baseball. He said, "I am not going to play college baseball." When I asked why, he said, "Geez, don't you think I deserve a rest by then? My arm will be tired!"

I love my goofy son.

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The Bowden Family said...

That's the Christian we love so much! I'm still a little grossed out by the fact that he ate the fries though.