Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 2 update

Ok, week 2 and I am still alive! That is a very good sign. Last week I worked out Monday, Tuesday, twice on Thursday, twice on Friday, and Saturday. I am getting the hang of the eating thing and it is a little easier but still a brain switch for me.

Today is the start of week 2. I took a yoga class and really enjoyed it. I wasn't really hip on the idea of the whole "grounded to the earth" thing so I just talked to God and prayed. It worked well for me. I did my circuit after that and added some other machines. I went back this evening with Becca and did a Zumba class. It was great! I worked harder than anything I have done to this point and it was fun. The music was great and I got most of the steps. I wasn't the only fat girl in the class but I was the only fat girl who finished the class. Yea me!

Two interesting things - (1) there was a lady who was in the Zumba class with me and she decided she had a hard time with the steps so she left the room and continued to watch from outside. I asked her to come back in and told her I would help her. She did and I helped her (I think). She got it and did very well! She was very grateful and said she would start working out with me and come to a spinning class on Wednesday (watch for another post if I survive the class). (2) The lady who paid me the compliment yesterday asked me if I would show her how to do the ropes. I showed her and encouraged her and she did great! As I was showing her, the girl from the class came and tried the ropes also! It was wonderful!

Before long, this gym is going to pay me to come and work out! I am going to be a poster child before long!

Remember to keep encouraging others!

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