Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm a Starter

Our house is up for sale and that means I have to prepare to move. I hate moving although I have done it too many times to count. I should be an expert but I am not. I hate packing because it reminds me of all the junk that I hold onto for no reason other than, "I plan on finishing that project soon!" I have come to realize - ok, I have always known that I am great at starting things. I have thousands of ideas, some crazy, some not so crazy, creating chaos in my brain. I am very good at thinking up ideas but not so great at the follow through. If I were to take a look in my garage I would find the following:

A) lots of stamps, paper and gizmos for making cards, etc.
B) lots of jewelry that I tried to sell at home parties
C) lots of home decorative items that I also tried to sell at home parties
D) lots of crafty items that were purchase because I had a great idea to make something fabulous
E) lots of candles because I just can't resist good smelling things
F) lots of note cards, thank you cards and stationary because I am always having good intentions of sending little cards to people
G) lots of things to make my own jewelry

The list could go on and on. I get started on an idea and I rush out and get whatever I need to accomplish the task but usually lose interest before things are finished. I am not proud that I am like this, it's just a fact, a crazy part of me, like it or not.

In my own defense I can finish some things. I started, stopped, started, stopped, started, stopped, started and finally finished school. I now have my official diploma for my Masters degree to hang on my wall with my Bachelor's degree. They look nice together and they are a great reminder to me to keep pushing on the important things no matter how long they take. Now, if they would just help me get a job!


Sherri said...

Have a huge garage sale and unload that stuff!!! Think of it as blessing someone with it. It's a great time, just as the holidays are rolling in, to do this. A few years ago, I got rid of tons of stuff just like that, and do you know what I remember most? How excited and joyful the several women were who bought it for a steal. One lady actually cried because it had been a terrible year, no presents to give, and what she got out of my piles, fixed that for her! She told me her story as she was paying but wouldn't take her money back when I tried to give it to her. So as I packed up all the stuff in bags, I just put her money in there so she would find it when she got home. Just an idea.

Caffeinated Cowgirl said...

First off, congrats on the degrees! Thats awesome! Secondly, ironically, I second what sherri said. Have a big yard sale, unload your stuff then start fresh with a new obsession! Make sure though that you let all of us know when your sale is b/c you described the exact reason 80% of all woman like to buy! Let us help you move on.. haha