Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm a Football Wus

There are not two ways about it! I am a football wus. While I do enjoy the Sunday afternoon football game on tv, I am not a fan of in-person football. On tv, I am warm and comfortable. There are commercials for bathroom/food breaks and announcers who tell me what's going on. The biggest plus - the camera guy keeps my eyes on the ball! Way to go camera guy!

Last night, we went to the "Pinked-Out" football game at Murrieta Mesa High School. I loved the school spirit, everyone was wearing pink to support breast cancer (well, almost everyone C.B.). I enjoyed watching the band but I have to say, I am a wus! The benches are hard, I can't follow the ball and I have no idea what the hand signals and flags mean. It got cold (well, 65 is cold for this Cali girl) so a little into the third quarter, I made my way to the car with my blanket and took a nap! It was perfect! I am proud of myself for waiting that long.

I am very thankful my daughter plays volleyball (indoor) and my son plays baseball (summer). I am the biggest fan of those sports. So for all of you football fans, and I by that I mean in-person, game watching fans, good for you! I admire your spirit. I will admire it from my couch or my car every week the season is on.

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