Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trying to do better

We live out of our car. We run all over Menifee, Murrieta, Temecula every day, all day long. We spend an average of at least 4 1/2 hours in the car every weekday. Really, we do! That being said, we are frequent visitors of just about every fast food establishment in a 50 mile radius. Not proud about that, just stating a fact.

I have been teaching classes at the college on Tuesday nights. This means my kids have to fend for themselves (frozen food, leftovers, etc.). Last week, I finished my class for the semester and posted that on Facebook. My 14 year-old daughter commented, "Yaay! No more having to look at packages that say 1:30 if thawed 2:00 if frozen :D ". How sad!

Since then I have been trying very hard to cook for her. Tonight, I made a yummy dinner and everyone loved it. I have posted the recipe on my cookbook blog for those that want to try it. I love cooking, I just don't have time to do it most days. I am trying to do better and hopefully, it will become the norm and not the exception.

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