Friday, December 5, 2008

No Way!!!

Yes, it is true, I actually made these ornaments with help from my crafty friend Stephanie. (You should check out her blog at, it has a link to her craft page as well.)

Every year my friends and I gather for an ornament exchange. You bring 15 ornamnets that are the same and you go home with 15 different ornaments made by everyone else. Each year there are some incredible ornaments that I love. Every Christmas, I on the other hand, bring a dorky, uncrafty, whimpy ornament. Yes, I am the one responsible for a cookie cutter on a ribbon. I know, I know, very sad. I have even bought the ornament kits from Oriental Trading that are used for kindergarten classes. I am usually there to eat and provide comic relief to the group.

This year is different! I am so excited about these ornaments because they are adorable and were so easy that even a crafty limited person like me can do them! Who knows, this may inspire me to go on!

Merry Christmas!

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The Bowden Family said...

There is a crafty person inside you just waiting to come out! Great job on the ornaments, and thanks for saving me one! Now get ready for February - we are SO rocking the valentines!