Friday, November 14, 2008


Welcome to the Gutierrez Family blog. Yes, we are jumping on the band wagon. Our friends, the Bowdens, have created one and it was so cute, we thought we would follow.

There is nothing special about us, we are ordinary goof balls trying to do the best we can and make a difference for those around us. We believe that God's plan to use us (ordinary people) for extraordinary things. He will be successful if we get out of His way and let Him work.

Each of us will be updated soon so you can learn more of what we are up to. We promise to be honest and sincere in our posts. We are not perfect, in fact, we are far from it. Living so far from family, we thought this would be a good way to keep everyone updated with our antics. We would love to hear from you by mail, phone, text, email, visits, any way you can think of. Our door and our hearts are always open.

So sit back, grab a Diet Coke and read all about us. If you have some funny stories to share, please do.

Thanks for visiting our site!
The Gutierrez Family


The Bowden Family said...

Lyn, I'm LOVIN the new blog!! You go girl! I know I can pick up the phone anytime or I can just see you EVERY day at school, but it's going to be fun to read about your family antics. And good Lord, you have plenty of material, lol! Love you guys, have a safe and fun trip! I will call ASAP after the game tomorrow!

Deb Deb said...

I love this. You will have to show the Denver family how to set one up. There is one mistake - never instruct people to drink Diet Coke....yuk.....only Diet Pepsi should ever be mentioned.