Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My wonderful brother-in-law decided to surprise my little sister last week for her 40th birthday. He flew the three of us to Denver as her birthday present! We left on Wednesday morning and went straight to her work. He sat her down and blindfolded her. The kids snuck in and kissed her on the cheeks and told her Happy Birthday. It was wonderful! We convinced her to leave work early and go home with us where my niece Mercedes was very surprised when she opened the door to her room and we were standing there. A little while later we went to see Myrissa at basketball practice. I stood at the corner of the court and waited for her to notice me and when she finally did, her jaw dropped. It was terrific!

We also got the chance to visit with my 92 (almost 93) year old Granny. She is amazing. We also got to see my Uncle Joe and my favorite cousin, Kerri, and her family. When we spend time in Denver, it always makes me want to move home. Then, comes the cold, cold weather and I change my mind again. I love SoCal!

It is hard to believe that my little sister and I have now both moved to the higher check box in life. We are no longer in that 25-39 category. Yikes!

I am very thankful to Roy for his generosity. We had a great time!

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