Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why, Why, Why?

It's a beautiful SoCal Saturday morning and my thoughts are racing around in my head as usual. Today, I thought I would list some thoughts that make me say, "Why, why, why?"

1. Why do boys/men want to wear their pants hanging so low that it looks like they dropped a load in their undies?
2. Why do they wear a belt to keep them that low?
3. Does this mean we need to start printing directions on belts now?
4. Why does the drive-up ATM have braille on it when it is located on the driver's side?
5. Why do girls/women think they look good with tons of skin and cleavage showing? It doesn't in fact, it makes you look like a tramp. Stop it!
6. Why do people freak out when there is a police man on the road? If you are driving like you should, you don't need to worry.
7. Why do people dress their dogs up like kids? Really? Do you think Fido is happy in that orange tutu?
8. Why does McDonald's sell sweet tea for $1 but the same size of unsweetened tea is $1.79? I'm saving you money so you charge me more? Thanks for that.
9. Why doesn't my son ever have a pencil in his backpack? You need it to do homework dude.
10. Why do the public restrooms for men have to be the same size as the one for women? Everyone knows that we go in pairs therefore, we should have twice the available seating.
11. Why doesn't everyone love to read? I just don't get it.
12. Why do we complain about paying $4.00 for a frozen pizza when we have no problem paying $18.00 for one in a restaurant?
13. Why do you have to pay for air at a gas station?
14. Why do we have to have 24-hour grocery stores? If you really have no food and have the munchies at 3:00 am, you probably shouldn't be driving anyway.
15. Why are people mean? Is that really necessary?

I guess I was just in a rambling kind of mood today. Why is that?

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pj said...

All valid questions!!