Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello Puberty! What Took You So Long?

My son is now 11 and is beyond anxious for puberty. He is the only person I know who wants to go through all of those nasty changes. Every day he performs a detailed check for arm pit hair. So far, he believes he has 3. Notice I said "he believes he has 3". This is because no one else has ever seen them. He does offer to let anyone and everyone touch them but I politely decline every time. He swears that his voice is already changing and that seems to make him very happy. Is this possible? Yes. It is probable? No. Not even close.

His feet are as big as mine, he eats everything he can get his hands on and smells just like a boy's locker room in a junior high school. The sign that tells me he is ready for puberty is that he LOVES to use Axe. That is a junior high school requirement right? He's ready.

For me, I guess this means I have to do some quick research and learn what is actually involved with puberty for boys because we only have girls in our family. Oh boy, that sounds fun. I'll let you know how "the talk" goes and if I survived. Until then, pray hard!

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