Thursday, March 19, 2009

Week I Don't Know

I have been very bad about posting and going to the gym. Life has been crazy. I wonder how I got so much done when I was working. I went to school full time, worked over 50 hours a week, volunteered at church, took care of the kids, the house and the dog and still found time to read. Whew! When I asked the question to my kids, their quick reply was, "We never saw you." How sad.

I must admit that not working has been great. I LOVE spending time with my kids. They are amazing and always find a way to make my heart smile. I have been substitute teaching a few days a week and cannot seem to get anything else done, like to going to the gym. The good news - I am down 11 pounds. The bad news - I am only down 11 pounds.

I am making the commitment to do better at the gym and with getting things done.


The Bowden Family said...

You have always been an amazing mutli-tasker! There isn't an idle bone in your body, and I've always wondered how you find time to work hard and be there as much as you can for your kids! And 11 lbs is awesome - that's like two sacks of sugar, if you want to put it into perspective! Woot woot!

P.S. I still need a relay partner if you ever decide to change your mind! :)

pj said...

It's something in the air ~ I've been as bad as you ~ and 11 pounds is a GREAT start! See you tomorrow at Zumba (unless they need a really good sub!)