Monday, February 9, 2009

Week 5 February 8, 2009

Week 5 is done! I am down 9 pounds. It may not sound like much but I noticed that I had some trouble keeping my jeans up the other day. That makes the hard work worth it. I keep telling myself that I didn't get this big overnight and I will not be skinny again overnight. In my head I am still the skinny 20 year old with big boobs. Then, I accidentally see myself in a mirror or something and want to faint. That can't be me!

The water classes tend to work well for me. I love them and can work harder in the water than on dry land. I really like Zumba. It is fast, fun and crazy. I am really happy with the gym and the nice people there. Everyone seems to be so encouraging which really helps. The lady I talked to in the first Zumba class still stops me when she sees me and gives me her progress. She is doing fantastic! I am glad she keeps me up to date. It proves my point (again) that you never know how you affect others. Just by encouraging her, she has become a friend and she is still at the gym!

I need to get a new swimsuit. Only having one makes things tough. I sometime forget to dry it and the next day I end up wearing a wet suit to the gym. Gross.

Off to week 6 and more inches lost!

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pj said...

Remember the old fairy tale ~ slowly but surely wins the race ~ We may be turtles, but we'll get there! I also think by losing slowly but surely it is more likely to stay gone!